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"Assateague is closed, where else can I walk my dog?" 

"I need to get these boys out of the house!" 

"Where can I take my family on a hike that is stroller friendly?"

"What trails have the least amount of people?" 

"I want to have a picnic on the water with some shade, where can I go?" 

"I need the beach but OC's beaches are closed, where can I go?!"

These were all questions people came running to me with when the world shut down in the spring of 2020. I couldn't believe how little my friends, family, old coworkers, and acquaintances knew about our local public lands.  Meanwhile, I was hiking everywhere with my son, Patrick. The majority of the content and photos were collected during lockdown, and the website went live in early 2021.

Check it out HERE!

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